This will be my book diary. I read a lot (when I can), think about what I read a lot, and analyze it a lot. Yet, I hardly ever write about it. So this blog will have two purposes: 1. Keep track of the books I read and actually write something about them more than exclamations like “I loved it!”. 2. Practice my English since it’s not my first language.

I also might post a link to the occasional great article I find on the web.

I hope those of you who come here will enjoy the blog when it kicks off. I also have to say that I got greatly inspired by the beautiful blogs le projet d’amour and things mean a lot. I love the thougthful and analytic writing at le projet d’amour and things mean a lot manages to write with such enthusiasm and warmth about the books she appreciates that I always immediately want to read them.

The picture used in the header is a detail from an artwork by Anne Siems, check her out, she’s wonderful!