2014-01-17 13.56.55

So this is my bookshelf. I live in a small student room, so this is the only bookshelf I have, and it is slowly starting to get completely full. That’s why I promised myself to not buy more books for a while. So far, it has gone well – my last purchase was Jo Graham’s Black Ships at the beginning of January – and I’ve managed to stay away from clicking ‘Confirm’ when creating wishful orders online. I still go visit the local bookshop daily, but it’s more of a comfort-thing than any serious attempt at buying something. So I’ve simply decided to use the library more, although I rarely finish all the books I get from there, and I’ve also decided to read all the unread books I’ve piled up. Still, there are temptations… like The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank, which I found in a nice edition, and The Wonder Spot, by the same author, in an even nicer edition. I’ve also been eyeing Charlotte Rogan’s The Life Boat. But so far I’ve managed to stay away from buying any of them. So wish me luck, and let’s hope my bookshelf will accommodate more read books in the future!