Despite being so completely charmed by the first pages of Forever Rose, I’ve also started reading Charlotte Rogan’s The Lifeboat. Since Forever Rose is the fifth book in the Casson Family-series, I want to wait with it until I can read all the books in order (and here I might break my buying-no-more-books-rule, since my local library doesn’t have the full series, and only a sadly tattered copy of Saffy’s Angel… and okay, all the books seem so good I want to own them…). 

I feel already very drawn into The Lifeboat, though it is as far from lovely and cosy you can get… I’m reminded of one great reading experience from last year, Jonathan Littell’s The Kindly Ones, which is about an ex-nazi officer and the horrors he comitted in the war, and it was a fantastic book, but also soul-shattering hell, so not a book I will re-read anytime soon… I get the same feeling with The Lifeboat now, a similar one-person-narrative, a similar, very distinct voice that draws you in and makes you read on and on, even when you’re being confronted with the darkest parts of humanity in the process.