After my experience with LSD, a whole day and a whole night of overstimulation, restlessness and the most extreme fatigue, I felt as if my body had received near electrocution by too great a current of vibrations. It was not humanly bearable, the concentration of a thousand dreams into one, the total separation of one’s center, the total voyage into an atmosphere, a rhythm, a space not in harmony with one’s physical body. Yes, too strong a current. I think our dreams, reveries were meant to be absorbed organically and gradually, tempered by daylight, cushioned by humble occupations and drab interruptions. We have to have time to absorb these great charges of metaphysical energies, mix them with daily living, live them out, in a human gradation and human cellular development. A chemistry adapted to our human body: a dream, then awakening, then action, then contact with the earth, our own body.

The Journals of Anaïs Nin, Volume Six (p. 3).