I have been busy with all sorts of things, and read a lot of great books and it is only lately I’ve realized that I… started this blog a couple of months ago that I was supposed to try and post about books in once in a while. I also realized I was missing this blog, and since my poor Swedish blog on blogspot has been infected with some kind of virus that I’ve no idea how to remove, this is the only blog I’ve got left. So I might as well take good care of it!

Some books I read this summer that had great impact on me were Cuckoo Song, Fly by Night, Twilight Robbery and Gullstruck Island by the wonderful Frances Hardinge, and also Sarah Waters’ The Little Stranger. I’m hoping to be able to write more in depth about these books soon. Other great reading experiences were Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina (I fell in love with the world, the main character, the main character’s inner world (that is an own world to itself)… and the romance… and dear uncle Orma…*sigh*), Nina LaCour’s Everything leads to you, E. Lockhart’s We were Liars (stab my heart some more, will you), Maggie Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves, Erin Bow’s Plain Kate (I might reread this one soon, such an original story and such atmosphere!), Charlotte Rogan’s The Lifeboat and E.M Delafield’s Consequences (this one really broke my heart). I’ve also recently read and enjoyed The Paying Guests (after this, Tipping the Velvet and The Little Stranger I’m completely won over by Sarah Waters. I want to read all her books).

Right now I’m reading Dorothy Sayer’s  Strong Poison, which I’ve been wanting to read after Ana’s posts about her. I’ve got hooked on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (also after Ana’s review – Yes, I’m seriously addicted to her fantastic tips and recommendations) so that’s what made me feel in the mood for a detective novel, and Sayers’ books felt like the obvious choice (Gaudy Night is already waiting on my nightstand, along with Have his Carcase).

I will soon blog about some recent book purchases that I’m looking forward to read, until then I leave you with some music by The Swingle Singers: