So, from time to time I try to breathe new life into this blog. I thought it was going well in December, with the two part-summary of read books during the past year, but as you see I only wrote the first part. What happened? My master’s thesis happened (and is still happening), and general future angst and not-having-it-togetherness motivation-wise, vast procrastination and not wanting to do anything in my spare time that even remotely resembles a task (discovering netflix might also had something to do with it). So there…

However, I’m trying again, since I still read books and want to articulate the feelings they give, and I still like the idea of a book blog in order to train my English in a more casual way.

I actually have some bookish news, Sarah Waters visited my local library (!! more on that later) and I’ve joined an actual live book club here in Uppsala, for the first time in my life! We read one book every month, a book no one else has read before, and that the majority of us want to read or have no objection to read (so not necessarily books from your TBR-pile). I think I’m going elaborate on the pros and cons (for me) with a book club in a later post. I have read some good books too that I’ll be happy to write about, but until then I hope I’ll manage to be a bit more active on this blog :)