hisdarkmaterialsThe first time I read Philip Pullman’s epic trilogy I must have been around 12-years-old. Lyra’s world, especially the concept of daemons, made a great impact on my imagination and there was a special feeling about the whole trilogy that I loved to remember for years to come. I re-read Northern Lights when I was around 16 and still loved it, and in the past couple years I’ve been planning to re-read the whole trilogy again, especially when I bought the gorgeous edition from The Everyman’s Library two years ago for the purpose. It was also then I discovered this wonderful fanforum with discussions all things Pullman and His Dark Materials. Sadly, it isn’t active anymore, but it’s still a joy to read the threads.

With a planned first-time trip to Oxford in the summer coming up, I’ve  once again started to think about re-reading the trilogy. Now that the book has been on my nightstand for a month or so and I recently finished Wake somehow the choice for the next book to read feels so natural. Why not start now? I’ve been meaning to do it for so many years now, and I’m also very curious about how I will experience these old favorites as an adult. To make it more rewarding I’m planning to write down some thoughts that come up during reading on the blog, if there’s something new that has struck me in the text, or just to quote bits I like and share general feels and nostalgia.