And then the time comes when you realize that your great, nostalgic re-reading project was a bit premature. I read the two wonderful first chapters before I realized that with all the school work and other obligations left to do I wouldn’t be able to immerse myself in the pleasures of rereading to the extent that I had wished. There are also at least four books (namely, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Shadow Scale, Bone Gap and Saffy’s Angel) that are tugging at my attention on my nightstand, so I’ve decided to put His Dark Materials briefly aside, at least until the summer break starts when I’ll be able to give this grand project the attention and peace of mind it deserves. Meanwhile, I’ve embarked on smaller reading adventures, such as The Brides of Rollrock Island (30 pages in, and oh, the prose, the story!!) and The Blood of Flowers, which is the book I’ll be reading for the next meeting of the book club.