God, I love this novel to bits and pieces already. The atmosphere, the plot, the characterization, the language (I mean, the metaphors!!!), and not to mention the razor-sharp, unapologetic feminism behind it all. Hardinge is my hero.

(Speaking of favorites, I recently finished Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity and Jandy Nelson’s I’ll give you the Sun and it feels like I’m showering my Goodreads account with 5 star-ratings these days. Code Name Verity crushed my heart. Utterly. It is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. And one of few with such a powerful friendship at its core. It’s war, and rage, and hopelessnes, and love. Simply a must-read,  but be prepared. And I’ll Give you the Sun, oh, my god. My heart. Jandy Nelson’s writing is like, life. It’s beautiful, and painful and your heart beats and you just, you feel every single thing. (Note to self: I have to read her debut). I’ve also acquainted myself with the first volume of The Rat Queens comic and fell completely in love. Gritty fantasy and war heroines who don’t give a damn and just live life as they see fit? YES PLEASE!)